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    Month: October 2017

    Keeping the mind sharp Free brain tools

    Keeping the mind sharp: Free brain tools

    Home care

    The old adage of “use it or lose it” can go for many things, but your mind might be the most important. While there are gyms and classes to help with keeping your body in tip-top condition, your mind is more of a solitary activity. Luckily there are many things that you can do for… Continue reading →

    Getting the most from your home care services

    Getting the most from your home care services

    Home care

    If you are getting home care services, or looking to get them, then it’s important to always be informed about newer services or changes that might be beneficial for you. The funding the has been allocated to you from the Federal Government is for you. So, it is in your best interest to keep informed…. Continue reading →

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    Using home care to improve your social life

    Home care

    An active social life is a must have for a healthy lifestyle. However, there may be reasons why your social life has started to decline. You could have moved to a new area and don’t know many people, maybe your friends moved, or sadly maybe some of them have passed on. No matter the circumstances,… Continue reading →

    aged care services sunshine coast home and community care qld

    The Myths about home care

    Home care

    By themselves the words “home” and “care” are lovely. They build the idea of love and comfort. For some reason, in a lot of people’s minds if you combine them to make “home care” it because something embarrassing or frightening. We are hoping to clear this up a bit today and dispel some of the… Continue reading →