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Caloundra is a beautiful area for people of all ages to live. Families enjoy the many opportunities to keep the kids occupied from the beaches and parks that surround the area. Seniors also enjoy living in the area of Caloundra and it has become a very popular place to retire for older Australians. There are many reasons why seniors love Caloundra including the sheer natural beauty of the area with the white sandy beaches that stretch the coast, and the lovely lush nature walks. These natural spaces promote people of all ages, including seniors to get out and about and walk through the tracks and the boardwalks that boast stunning views. This is so great as regular physical activity including walking is one of the most important aspects of living a long, happy and healthy life. Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast helps seniors who need extra care live their lives in the comfort of their own home and in the area that they love. Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coasts provides seniors with the care and assistance that they need to be able to get out and enjoy a healthy social life as well as promote healthy physical and mental wellbeing.
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In-Home Care Packages & Community Care Caloundra

In-home care, as offered by Home Care Assistance, is care that will come to your house in the Caloundra area, and will come as often and as long as you need to. You have the option to opt for 24-hour care, when you’re recovering from a disease for example, but generally in-home care goes per hour.
The caregivers from Home Care Assistance will do their very best to offer the best care possible to all their clients, and will help them with meal preparation, domestic assistance, laundry, range of motion exercise etc. They can even work with the balanced care method that aims to prolong the life of the elderly and make them live longer and healthier. This method works with physical exercise and a healthy diet to name a few.

Do you feel like you, or a family member, would be helped with in-home care, and lives in the Caloundra area? Then be sure to contact us so we can provide you with more information and can help you further.

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