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Noosa, lying in a coastal area in the sub-tropics, is an area that many elderly people reside to after they retire. From Noosa Ville to Noosa junction it’s a pleasant area to live, ideal for families, and with the perfect scenery for all. From sandy white beaches, the calm and peaceful Noosa riverfront, to lush tropical rainforest of the Noosa national park and surrounds. As a result, you may want to remain living here as an elderly person for as long as possible, because who would want to stray from the beauty and convenience that Noosa offers to its residents and visitors. If you were to start experiencing issues with living solely, then you can always opt for in-home care, that we offer in this area. With Home Care Assistance, you don’t have to leave your beloved Noosa even if you begin to need extra care.

There are many reasons why living in the beautiful area of Noosa is a fantastic option for seniors and Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast allows you to do so for longer. For example, Noosa boasts many walking tracks that can help you to stay active while getting out into the beauty of nature. There is also an abundance of cafes and restaurants that make for a lovely meeting spot for seniors to promote social interaction and connection which is vital for living a long and happy life.

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We, at Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast, want to promote this as much as possible and offer in-home care in the Noosa area. To promote a longer, healthier and happier life we work with the balanced care method, which uses the information we gathered from studying elderly population in Okinawa region of Japan, where elderly people will often live to be older than 100 years old. This method includes things like regular physical activity, a balanced healthy diet and maintaining and cultivating social connection. Together with seniors we will aim to make their life not only longer but also as happy as possible by using this method.

Of course, we will also be helping with the generic everyday things like cooking, cleaning, transportation, getting groceries and taking medication. After all, that’s the reason you would request in-home care.

If you are living in Noosa and think you will be needing extra care now or in the near future OR if your loved one who is in need of some assistance and lives in Noosa then be sure to contact us and find out more about the possibilities there are regarding community care, in-home care and the balanced care method. We will always try our best to make the life of the elderly better and more comfortable.

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