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One of the most serious problems for anyone in need of home care assistance is that feeling of isolation. It may be caused by a number of reasons. People may feel ashamed that they are getting older and need assistance, and cut themselves off from their usual social groups.

Another reason may be physical — they may be physically unable to drive or use public transport to get to social functions. All of this adds up and can send them into a spiral of depression and loneliness.

When we ask clients which are the worst things about getting older, the answer is almost always loneliness. You have always done things! You’ve had a career, raised a family, taken trips around the world — and now it is very difficult to look around and not see your friends. Or, worse still, more and more friends will have passed away.

Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay knows that this is one of the scariest things about the lives we lead, and we do everything we can to deal with that loneliness. There are a number of ways to help. Most home care providers have social events on the calendar that will get people in that situation out and about and doing things they enjoy.

Events may be as adventurous as a day trip away, taking in a visit to the theatre or a show, or as simple as a coffee at a quiet café. The main aim is to get people back with groups of people they know, as well as some they don’t, to get variety back into their lives.

If you are getting home care for yourself, or have a loved one who is, be sure to ask your provider about the social events that they put on. Loneliness should never have to be part of getting older.

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