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Better sooner than later. There will be one or several triggers, but everyone may well be in denial, challenged by the increasing responsibilities and stress on all sides. Home care is the most desirable solution to increasing frailty. That reduces worries and apprehension for family and friends as well as the person concerned, while preserving independence and dignity and allowing them to stay in the familiar surroundings they have created and among the possessions they love.

Non-medical home care focuses on helping people engage with daily activities

The most usual trigger is a fall, but actually any stay in hospital diminishes confidence and increases anxiety. Other causes of depression and reduced ability to cope alone are losing your driving licence, not bothering to eat meals and forgetting whether you have taken your medicine. Worst of all is no longer making an effort — neglect in cleanliness, dressing and grooming — and even becoming disorientated and not knowing where you are or how to get home. And an overwhelming sense of loneliness and need — and a need to share: not to be isolated.

Companionship, conversation and contact

But the carers must not be neglected either — caring is a taxing and not always rewarding occupation and it is vital that they should not be exhausted and at the end of their tether because everyone relies on them. Apart from any housekeeping or cooking tasks, the carer has to be able to listen and talk, to share meals and watch television and take part in favourite activities, to be company at a film or a concert, a trip to the supermarket or on a walk.

Advances in technology and life-saving equipment allow people to stay at home longer

Most people thrive convalescing at home rather in an institution. Familiarity reduces confusion and fear and an overwhelming majority of older people really want to stay in their own home. Home Care Assistance helps seniors maintain their quality of life, and the personal attention they receive vastly improves their safety, health and happiness.

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