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Well, the first thing is to understand their requirements and what they are seeking in this relationship — because it is a relationship, and made all the more complicated by the dynamics of need. Before you even start, you have to work out the financial realities of the situation and discuss all options with everyone intimately involved. Talk to people who have been in a similar situation and draft a job description and contract. Then you conduct interviews with a well-prepared list of questions. And finally you check references.

Most people want to continue to live in their own homes for as long as possible

Many people needing care rely on the unpaid — and often unthanked —services of members of their family and friends. This should be avoided where it is possible to hire a dedicated carer who is less emotionally and perhaps financially implicated. Treat this as a business decision.

Where to look for a caregiver

Ask friends and acquaintances and anyone you can think of if they can suggest anyone who would make a suitable carer, and otherwise go to an agency. An agency would have helpful suggestions as far as the job description, contract and interview questions are concerned. Don’t forget that many people have great CVs, but you might not like them in person.

Always have a backup plan — and watch out for any sign of abuse, neglect or exploitation

After the interviews, follow up the references of everyone you are considering and have a criminal background check done too. You need someone both reliable and qualified to do the job you have described.

If you are on the Sunshine Coast, call on Home Care Assistance

Home Care Assistance provides peace of mind and complete flexibility. They can organize visits for as little as one hour at a time or 24/7 constant assistance and supervision, and they can match a caregiver quite quickly if required.  Caregivers from Home Care Assistance make the home safer and more comfortable for ageing seniors by empowering them to maintain independence and a higher quality of life.

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