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In-home care is supportive care provided at home by licensed professionals who give medical treatment or by professional caregivers who give non-medical daily assistance. Terminally ill patients may need hospice care at home, and patients recovering from surgery or illness may need rehabilitation. The reason most people choose to have additional support is so as to be able to stay at home and avoid hospitalization.

How to make your home safer and more comfortable for ageing seniors by empowering them to maintain independence and a higher quality of life

Medical nursing and rehabilitative services are provided by registered nurses and therapists, but most home care is from licensed and unlicensed non-medical personnel, who offer support and companionship as well as help with daily tasks such as bathing, shopping, cooking and cleaning. This can make all the difference between staying in your own familiar and beloved home and having to move to a facility.

In home care provides seniors with one-to-one assistance in the comfort of their own home, which enables them to live independently.

Non-medical home care is usually paid for by the individual or their family, although traditional differences in home care services are changing as the average age of the population rises. Now government and insurance companies are beginning to subsidize individuals wishing to remain independent and also use home care services. This way an existing way of life may be maintained — and in-home care tends to be more affordable than a care home.

Home Care Assistance helps seniors maintain their quality of life, and the personal attention they receive vastly improves their safety, health and happiness.

Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast hires about one in 25 applicants. Caregivers must have experience working with older adults. Home Care Assistance check references, national criminal backgrounds, and legal right-to-work documentation. The caregivers continue to receive training on the latest developments in older adult care.

Their Balanced Care™ training program is based on extensive research into nutrition, activity, and other factors that have been proven to help people age better, maximizing health and quality of life.

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