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    Category: Awareness

    home care services sunshine coast - senior home assistance - in home care packages - balanced care sunshine coast qld

    Warning signs to stay off the road


    Home Care Services Sunshine Coast According to the US National Institute on Ageing, there are several critical indications that a senior may be losing the judgement or ability to drive: ● Incompetent driving at night, even if competent during the day. ● Drastically reduced peripheral vision, even if 20/20 with corrective lenses. ● Struggling to… Continue reading →

    Creating a Safe Home Environment for Seniors


    Senior Help at Home – Sunshine Coast It’s all common sense really, but it does take thought, time and preparation. Bathrooms Inevitably all bathrooms tend to be slippery, and most falls happen in the bathroom, so that is where to start. Grab handles or railings are essential near the bathtub, shower and lavatory. Rubber bathmats… Continue reading →

    Sundown Syndrome - community care sunshine coast

    What is Sundown Syndrome?


    Sundown Syndrome is when people with dementia may become more confused, restless or insecure late in the afternoon or early evening. It can be worse after a move or a change in their routine. They may become more demanding, restless, upset, suspicious, disoriented and even see, hear or believe things that aren’t real, especially at… Continue reading →