Home Care for Seniors & People with Dementia in Sunshine Coast

Avoid the anxiety of a hospital environment by offering dementia care at home for your loved ones. Home care for seniors in Sunshine Coast: 07 5491 6888

Our trained home care consultants can provide guidance and wise counsel for people who are caring for someone with dementia. But, as you know, a hospital setting is unfamiliar and may well be deeply upsetting for everyone. Home Care Assistance caregivers understand that, and they are all trained and equipped to give tender round-the-clock quality care tailored to the needs of the patient with dementia. This quality of life and the personal attention they receive almost always vastly improves their safety, health and happiness.

The Home Care Assistance live-in caregivers make the home far safer and more comfortable for ageing seniors by empowering them to maintain their autonomy and allowing them a higher quality of life.

Any hospital environment inevitably adds to genuine distress and increasing anxiety. The strangers, unfamiliar noises, bright lights, and alien surroundings and routines, all have to be taken into account, as does the fact that a patient suffering from dementia really needs to be cocooned in controlled conditions that are secure, tranquil and relaxed.

Home Care Assistance support is regular, professional and consistent.

Therefore it is extremely important that a harmonious, long-standing relationship should be developed in order to reduce all possible stress and disquiet in both the carer and the invalid. This bond will help to make sure that the patient always feels sustained and comforted. An atmosphere of serene confidence often removes the call for more emotionally distressing and even intrusive therapy. Be patient and remember how frustrating it must be for someone with dementia to deal with their new limitations.

If you can try to keep things in perspective, we will try to keep your loved one happy and safe at home.

Home Care Assistance makes in-home care available to seniors, and provides one-to-one balanced care assistance in the comfort of their own home, thus enabling them to live assisted but independently for as long as possible. And at the end that is what most of us wish for.

Please do call us at any time for a confidential conversation and to discuss respite, social support and home care packages. Watching over a loved one may well be one of the most painfully stressful times in your whole life, but you can count on Home Care Assistance to provide in-home and community care support for seniors and those with dementia.


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