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My Health Record is an online summary of your key health information. A My Health Record will be created for every Australian who wants one from January 31 2019, although it is possible to choose to opt out and there are ¬security and privacy-related criticisms as well as increasing concern that the platform could carry genetic profiles of Australian citizens. This is already happening in Nanjing in China.

Technology should be embraced when it can influence positive practice change

The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia and the Australian Digital Health Agency are presenting an online, face-to-face national education and training package on My Health Record to help hospital pharmacists in public and private healthcare services to integrate it. They say that My Health Record should be able to demystify hospital pharmacy practices and reduce preventable readmissions.

My Health Record should deliver a clear, concise, safe and secure system to all Australians

Australians who live in WA, NSW and Queensland will be able to access diagnostic imaging reports. My Health Record also serves the needs of palliative care patients. It has also been announced that My Health Record can also be used for research and public health purposes while preserving privacy and security of data in the system.

“In a medical emergency, healthcare providers connected to the My Health Record system can see your health information such as allergies, medicines and immunisations.”

Apparently the early surge of IT in healthcare was focused on process rather than on patient needs, and My Health Record adopts a more patient-centric approach. What patients really want and the best way to provide it will be crucial, but much can be achieved with existing technological capacity.

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Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay exists to keep you happy and safe at home, to provide in-home and community care support, and to help, explain and demystify generally. If you are concerned about your private health data and sensitive personal information or security breaches, then please call us anytime for a confidential conversation. Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay believes in trust and reliability.

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