Senior Help at Home – Sunshine Coast

It’s all common sense really, but it does take thought, time and preparation.


Inevitably all bathrooms tend to be slippery, and most falls happen in the bathroom, so that is where to start. Grab handles or railings are essential near the bathtub, shower and lavatory. Rubber bathmats in the bathtub and shower. And make sure it is not too difficult and therefore hazardous to get in and out of the bathtub. Don’t lock the bathroom door.


Be careful of slippery polished floors, rugs and clutter — and anything you might slip or trip on. Improve the lighting. Is the bed is a safe height? Beware of dizziness — don’t get up too quickly. And make sure there is no tangle of wires — telephone cords, chargers, bedside lamps.


Pots and pans and appliances should be accessible, and you must be able to reach the cabinets easily. Try to make sure the floor isn’t slippery — consider rubber mats and wearing socks with rubber soles. Mark on and off positions on the stove and appliances very clearly. Brightly coloured nail polish is helpful for this. Keep knives in racks rather than drawers.

Living room

Make sure you can move around the living room easily without tripping on a rug or carpet or bumping into furniture with sharp edges.


Use non-slip wax for the stairs. There should be plenty of light and the bannisters should be easy to grasp.


Never ever stand on a ladder or chair to reach something!
Always take your mobile phone with you, just in case, and consider installing a medical alert system.
Wear shoes that fit properly.
Don’t smoke in bed.
Install carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in all appropriate places, and make sure the batteries are in working order.
Keep a fire extinguisher on every floor.
Have an emergency contact list by every telephone in the house.
Be careful of beloved, loving and well-meaning pets.

The fundamental aim of Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay is to keep you happy and safe in your own home.

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