We Combined Community & In-Home Care in the Sunshine Coast

Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast give you a wonderful alternative to having to leave your own home by providing both top quality community and in-home care to Sunshine Coast seniors.

One fear that comes with aging is worrying about moving into a residential care facility

Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast believe in providing in-home and community care support for seniors in Queensland and those with a disability, and in keeping people happy, comfortable and safe at home.

Our professional, experienced and friendly carers are available 24/7 to both our clients and their families to provide care and peace of mind

Home Care Assistance services include:

Australia Home Care Assistance provide a flexible, consistent model of care with no lock in contracts

And throughout Australia Home Care Assistance, caregivers are trained in the Balanced Care Method, which offers the first senior care solution that has an emphasis on balance and longevity. By working with specific lifestyle behaviours, Home Care Assistance manage to extend and enhance the lives of seniors, helping them live longer, happier and more balanced lives.

The Balanced Care Method™ is an evidence-based programme built on research that demonstrates that one-third of our healthy longevity is based on genetics and two-thirds on lifestyle factors within our control

There does not seem to be an explanation as to how and why some people’s lives are both healthier and more active than others. However, there is one country where more people live longer and are healthier than anywhere else, and that is Okinawa, Japan, where people in their 70s, 80s and beyond enjoy good health and independence, and many live to over 100, enjoying excellent physical health, mental awareness and inner calm.

Scientists have been studying this unusually long-lived group of people. A high-fibre, low protein diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables is a start, and maintaining social ties, being around other people, pursuing hobbies and interests are all part of their lives.

The philosophy of the Balanced Care Method™, which seeks to capture some of the lifestyle factors that go towards creating such long-lived and healthy people, is moderation and variety.

Our caregivers know how to help seniors maintain fit bodies and sharp minds

Balanced Care Training includes:

  • A healthy diet
  • Physical activity
  • Sharp minds
  • Social ties
  • Calmness and purpose.

Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast has developed a revolutionary and proprietary approach to senior care based on their studies of centenarians. Contact us today.