If you are getting home care services, or looking to get them, then it’s important to always be informed about newer services or changes that might be beneficial for you.

The funding the has been allocated to you from the Federal Government is for you. So, it is in your best interest to keep informed. This can be done a multitude of ways:

One of the easiest ways to keep informed of any changes regarding services is online. You can join Facebook groups, follow forums, mailing lists, or even follow your provider on Twitter. This might not be for everyone as sometimes there are those out there that try to profit from misinformation.

The best way to handle changes your find online is to directly contact your provider to discuss them. They will be able to clear up any details that you can’t find online.

Most providers, and some government agencies, have newsletters that they will release to inform you of any changes or additions of services. These newsletters can be physically mailed or emailed depending on your wishes. Contact your provider to see if they can get you on the next mailing list.

Sometimes the old ways are still the best ways. Regular contact with the service department of your provider can keep you informed of any planned changes or additions. It means that you can always get the most from your home care services by ensuring that you are aware of new or updated services.

While it might seem intrusive, that is what these departments are created for. So get on the old “dog and bone” and give your provider or My Aged Care a call to find out what options there are for you and what changes might be coming up that can affect your care.