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Your parents and grandparents raised you, but everyone ages and, unfortunately, difficult health issues and challenges have to be dealt with sooner or later. Nursing homes and care homes may become necessary, but until then care in their own home is a kinder, more comfortable option whenever possible.

Each and every senior should have the opportunity to stay in their home if that is what they would like

However, even for someone who has lived on their own for years, they inevitably begin to be — and should be — wary of climbing the stairs, taking a bath, cooking a meal and so many of the other normal activities that suddenly become a hard-won achievement.

Find out what Sunshine Coast home care packages may be available to the elderly

An operation, a stroke, a broken bone, an illness, a chronic condition can suddenly change everything, and many grown up children encourage their parents and grandparents to move because they worry about injuries in the home. And great stress can be caused by family members taking it in turn to care for their elders.

The anxiety of caring for elderly grandparents in their home can sometimes feel overwhelming

But why should seniors have to choose between their own home and a safe environment? Even if they need help, or more help, to do everyday things, there is a lot that can be done to allow the elderly to go on living at home and leading the life they want to and are used to.

The basic activities provided by senior citizen home care services are in the fields of personal care, socialising and transportation

The house and especially the bathrooms can be made safer. A stairlift and grab bars may make a huge difference. Help can be given with transport and finances. And then professional in-home carers may make it possible to stay at home for longer.

The cost of in-home care may not be as high as you think, and many seniors really enjoy their care-giver’s company. Turn to us at Home Care Assistance and learn about your home care options and what we can do for you. We provide loving and reliable in-home and community care support for seniors and for those with a disability.

We believe in keeping you happy and safe at home on the Sunshine Coast, and that is our motto

Our professional carers will be proud to look after your grandparents. Call Home Care Assistance today!

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