Dementia affects about 50 million people worldwide with almost 10 million new cases every year. People suffering from dementia tend to experience anxiety, confusion and, frequently, memory loss, and since there is still no cure many researchers are looking for ways to ease the pain for those suffering from the disease by establishing a better routine to make the lives of everyone involved much more manageable.

New technological advancements make looking after dementia patients less demanding as assistive technology allows them some autonomy, and lowers the risks for them both in and outside their homes

Home Care for Seniors with Dementia, Sunshine Coast

This means that people with dementia are able to take more control of their own lives and make the most of care at home rather than having to spend the rest of their lives in a facility where they would feel more stressed by being around people they don’t connect with on an emotional level. Now they can remain comfortably in their own homes and get the social interaction that they need. To help with their memory, smart phones may be used to set reminders for the tasks that they have trouble remembering: a simple reminder, for example, to get their keys and lock the doors when they leave the house can make their lives a little more stress-free, especially when their caregiver isn’t around to assist them. Saving photographs on each contact’s phone number too may remind them of who is calling or messaging if they have trouble comprehending names.

Sunshine Coast Aged Care Packages – Home Support for People with Dementia

Home monitoring devices and in-home cameras should give the caregiver confidence that the patient is safe at home and the right medication has been taken at the right time.

In-home technologies that help someone who is suffering from dementia include electrical appliance monitors which show carers which outlets are being used most frequently, and home care robots that assist caregivers with housework, medication reminders and alerting emergency medical assistance when necessary.

Modern technology is the other half of the journey for your loved one to live a better life

The home care package provided by Home Care Assistance allows seniors with dementia to live happily in their own homes with all necessary human quality care and support as well as the assistance of modern technology.

Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay is more than happy to hold your hand and guide you to the best solutions for everyone.