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The goal of the home care funding or grants is so that you can stay independent in your own home. It also gives you the benefits of never missing medical appointments, helps with the maintenance on your home and garden, house cleaning, and those important trips to the shops.

Home Care packages of all sizes have made the lives of thousands of Sunshine Coast residents better and it could be your turn now. Home care providers focus on you, so each packaged is tailored to your needs and level of funding. This keeps you in the services you need while keeping the out of pocket expenses to a minimum.

How do you qualify? First, you’ll need to access the Federal Government’s myagedcare services by visiting their website. You will need to register for an assessment. A professional will meet you at your home to discuss your needs and desires as well as ask some standard medical and monetary questions.

These assessors are not “strangers” that you should worry about but people that have been trained, have great knowledge, and a listening ear. They will help you stay at home with the care that you need.

Once you have been assessed, you will be contacted about how much funding you are going to receive. Then it’s up to you to choose a provider for your care. We are always more than happy to talk to those looking for care and even if it’s not us, want to ensure that you get the care that’s right for you.

No matter if you start with one provider and then switch, your funding goes with you so whomever is providing the service. This will give you piece of mind and the knowledge that you are not locked into any long-term commitment.

It’s your time, and it’s your care. If you have any questions on how to get started, contact us today.

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