Meal Preparation for Seniors Sunshine Coast

Affordable home care services for elderly people in Sunshine Coast. Meal preparation and domestic assistance for seniors by expert caregivers: 07 5491 6888

You should never have to feel disconnected from wholehearted, solid support and immediate expert help, both psychological and physical. Affordable care services do exist and you can get help at home. For most elderly people home care really is unbeatable. Home care, balanced care and community care.

Wouldn’t you actually prefer to be in home care rather than in an institution, however caring? Home Care Assistance specialises in finding the right caregivers, who are dedicated to you and your family’s long-term well-being.

Home Care Assistance provides the very finest and most considerate services, designed for people with more and less complex care needs, and we have all the practical experience necessary to keep you or your loved one healthy, happy and as independent as possible for as long as possible.

Home Care Assistance understands about self-respect, modesty and sensitive feelings, and we have a proprietary cognitive stimulation programme too that addresses cognitive decline, building on our considerable clinical expertise in brain health.

Home Care Assistance is able to help with all your needs in a calm and dignified manner, from hygiene, washing and grooming to meal preparation and feeding as well as the basic household chores, and laundry and shopping. We can keep up your home and garden too so that your quality of life is not impaired and remains as high as ever.

And Home Care Assistance can advise you on the best home care packages too

Home Care Assistance tends to hire only one in every 25 applicants after rigorous screening, and then to provide ongoing training and supervision, because we know that only the best and most reliable caregivers are good enough for you.

All our caregivers have professional experience working with older adults

Home Care Assistance will suggest any modifications that make moving around easier for you and improve safety and can recommend the best and most appropriate walking frames and shower chairs. Above all, we can reduce the heavy burden on your shoulders and the constant concern of your friends and family.

Keeping you happy and safe at home is our goal. Please call us at any time for a confidential conversation.

Home Care Assistance arranges a broad base of in-home and community care support for seniors and those with a disability. We exist to look after you and yours.

Home Care for Seniors – Meal Preparation for the Elderly in the Sunshine Coast