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Mooloolaba is a holiday destination loved by many Australians, and it’s definitely a pleasure to live there permanently on the Sunshine Coast. This is because Mooloolaba has many beautiful natural landscapes and views from the beaches to the bushland. Yet the area offers the convenience of a thriving town centre with close proximity to amenities such as restaurants, cafes and shopping centres including the Sunshine Plaza, which is perfect for people of any age, especially seniors. Yet, if you are beginning to notice that you are having trouble living independently, you may fear that you will have to move out of Mooloolaba into an aged care facility. It can be a struggle to live independently if you are restricted in mobility or maybe you have trouble remembering things which can affect the way in which you live your day to day life and the ease with which you can. Many seniors fear that needing extra care means that they will have to leave their homes and the areas that they live in and love to move into an aged care facility. However, you don’t have to move out of the Mooloolaba area and into a residential home, as you also have the option of in-home care. We at Home Care Assistance offer in-home care across the Sunshine Coast including the beautiful area of Mooloolaba.
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In Home and Community Care in Mooloolaba

Our goal is to help everyone live the very best life that they possibly can, in the way they want to. This is the main goal for our caregivers as well, that can come as often and as long as you want to, on the times that you want them to come and are most convenient for you. They can help you with generic everyday things like preparing meals as well as the domestic responsibilities such as cleaning and gardening. We also go above and beyond to improve and maintain the best possible quality of life through introducing brain training and physical activity. This will help you live healthier and more happily, even at an older age.

Do you live in Mooloolaba and find that you are needing extra care and assistance? Or do you have a loved one in Mooloolaba that could benefit from in home care? Then you can always contact Home Care Assistance to gain more information. You even have the option to hire a live-in caregiver that will be there for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, to ensure the best care possible. After all it’s all about giving our clients the best life they can live.

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