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Queensland is a beautiful state in Australia with a diversity of coastal, rural and tropical forest landscapes, and in the South East of this area, on the Sunshine Coast, lies the city of Nambour. This city has become the administrative centre of the Sunshine Coast. It only has about 10,000 residents which makes it a small and comfortable village where elderly people, from across the sea too, love to live. There are many things that appeal to all, but especially seniors about the town of Nambour. For one Nambour is home to many locally owned and unique cafes that line the main street of the town. These cafes are a perfect place to enjoy a coffee, cake and catch up with friends. As a healthy and thriving social life is a very important factor in living a long and happy life, nambours cafe scene is a big plus for seniors in Nambour. There is also the peace of mind that you are never far from top quality hospital and health care in Nambour with the large metropolitan hospital that is the Nambour hospital in close proximity to the town. You can be sure that it is never a long trip to the medical attention and in home care you need in Nambour which is why many people including families and seniors love living around Nambour. These people love to live here and want to remain living here while being happy and healthy, and this goes even better with in-home care provided by Home Care Assistance. The caregivers from Home Care Assistance will do anything to make the life of these people longer and better. They can help with generic things like doing groceries or cleaning, but they also work with the balanced care method that promotes longevity. This method gets is ways from research done with the people from Okinawa, Japan, that are known to easily become over 100 years old. This method included practices of physical activity, social ties, training the mind etc. All is aimed to make the life longer and more pleasant.
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If it is become increasingly hard to live on your own, then there also is the option of live-in care, where a caregiver is 24/7 with you. This can still be a lot more comfortable than living in a residential home, which often is the other option.

Do live in Nambour and think that you could benefit from the services provided by Home Care Assistance? Or do you know a loved one in Nambour that could use some extra care and assistance? Then contact us and we can help you set up a plan if you so that we can work out what kind of care you require and how you would like to receive it. After all, we want to make you happy, healthy and living your best life.

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