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Unfortunately the Government can only fund a limited number of home care packages, whatever they may promise at election time. There is no endless pool of funds.

Sadly, this means that many in need are only on the home care waitlist.

You may have been assessed by MyAgedCare and received a letter telling you that you’re eligible for home care funding, but that only means you join a queue of all the others who are waiting for funds to become available.

The Government appreciates that care for some people may take precedence over care for others in the national queue, depending on their state of health and means, so that there are several categories on the waiting list.

Of course you have options for care before a funding package becomes available. If you have the means, then you can pay for some services yourself so that you or a loved one gets the necessary care right away. However, one of the reasons that many people fill in the MyAgedCare assessment is because they can’t afford to pay for private care. In these instances, you can discuss options for certain interim packages with your advisor. Although you may get fewer benefits than you have been granted funding for, you will get those services straight away.

As always, if you have any questions ask your advisor, and if you would like to know which services you can get privately or in an interim package, you can contact us at Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay today.

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