Home Care for Cancer Patients Sunshine Coast

The uncertainty of cancer is heartbreaking for you and your loved ones. Years ago it was very difficult to determine if one would survive or not, but with the current science, and modern research being conducted every single day, cancer is more manageable now than ever before. However having to stay in hospital while fighting a vicious illness and undergoing many extensive treatments is an emotionally challenging experience. To be able to stay at home with the support of your family and a home care service that will help you navigate your options will make you feel a lot safer and happier.

Home Assistance & Support for People with Cancer, Sunshine Coast

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy treat cancer – neither of which is a walk in the park

Cancer affects everyone differently, and with more than 200 known strains, it is important to be able to recognize the indicators and consult a doctor as soon as you realise something is wrong. Symptoms vary from strain to strain and so does how your body responds to the disease. Home Care Assistance can work alongside your medical team to come up with the treatment plan and home-care package that suits you best while you stay in the comfort of your own home.

Do independence and a dignity mean the world to you?

Home Care Assistance provides an excellent community care service where you can keep control of your own life without ever feeling isolated as you fight cancer. Many of those who transition to home care after surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy feel a lot better with a caregiver to assist them in their daily needs, so that they can focus completely on recovering and spending time with loved ones.

Home Care Assistance helps with the following:

Transportation and errands
– Nutrition and meal preparation
– Medication reminders and assistance
– Light housekeeping and personal hygiene
– Support during rehabilitation.

Family and friends need never worry or feel alone

In the event of an emergency, Home Care Assistance will contact the nurse in charge and monitor the patient while keeping them company.

If you’re on the Sunshine Coast, getting started with oncology home care is easily done

Patients in home care tend to experience total peace of mind knowing that they are being looked after by experts in the field who will provide them with the highest quality of balanced care and community connections, building long-term relationships and trust between carers, seniors and family members. Contact Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay for a complimentary in-home assessment.