Home Care for Patients with Broken Bones, Sunshine Coast

It’s no fun when someone is going about their daily lives as usual and suddenly hears a crack followed by an agonizing pain when a bone breaks. Bones can break at any age, but for seniors the risk is much higher due to underlying conditions such as osteoporosis, or simply just because of brittle bones.

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Being aware of causes symptoms and appropriate care is another part of a caregiver’s responsibility. Bone fragility due to osteoporosis or porous bone structure means bones lose density and the holes and spaces in the honeycomb are much larger than in healthy bones. Breaks and fractures are usually caused by falling, because as people begin to age their vision and balance often deteriorates making seniors more prone to falls. Caregivers know that what may be a minor fall for a healthy adult is potentially serious for an elderly person.

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Learning about the medication and vitamins prescribed by a doctor and making sure that they are taken in the right dosages is essential for a caregiver so that the people they look after remain physically strong and avoid complications. Different medications have different side effects too, such as loss of appetite or dizziness, and while most of these issues can be addressed immediately by a physician, unfortunately weakening of bones may take years to be noticed and treated, resulting in many regrettable accidents.

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Serious bone fractures such as hip and femur fractures require surgery more often than not, and then physical therapy or replacements making a caregiver’s assistance in home care extremely important. Less serious but more common fractures include forearm and wrist fractures, which don’t usually require surgery but tend to weaken and numb the fingers.

Enrich diet with vitamin D and calcium for bone health

Challenges when caring for a broken bone include a very slow recovery and if there are other conditions too, the process is even tougher. An accident is impossible to predict but it helps to have assistance in the bath and shower, to keep things neat and within reach, and to do simple but effective exercises.

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