How to Participate in the NDIS Program – Disability Care Sunshine Coast

It’s often very difficult to feel as though your concerns are being addressed, and improvements in the service you are using sometimes seem to take forever. This may lead to a lack of trust between the client and the service provider. The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission is an independent agency that allows you to make complaints and have them addressed by the right people. They oversee the conduct and practice standards of the NDIS.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your concerns are being addressed and the services you are using will be improved?

Clients’ feedback allows the NDIS to continue updating their services, and to provide you with the best possible care wherever, whenever. Your safety and the quality of NDIS service is prioritized, and all complaints are confidential and taken seriously. The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission regulates the market and looks into all matters in their remit. It will even help you contact the right organizations if you are not sure whom to approach and don’t have an independent advocate to guide you.

Are You Eligible for the NDIS Program?

Essentially, if you are under 65 and eligible, you will receive funding through the NDIS. If you are over 65 and eligible, you’ll receive funding through a Home Care Package.

An extensive list of requirements and screenings is necessary in order to work for the NDIS: background, history and all relevant information are checked as part of the evaluation to cut out any risk. But then any registered NDIS worker may work in every state or territory in Australia or for any other employer affiliated with the NDIS who provides the same support and services.

After raising your concerns to the NDIS do not worry about your insurance plans as they will continue to cover you and provide the services while they address your concerns.

To access NDIS, look at their Am I Eligible page for an overview of your eligibility and, if you meet the criteria, access is by sending in their forms via email, making a phone call or visiting the nearest office in person. Prepare yourself for questions on your identity or that of someone representing you, your eligibility, consent and information from third parties. Speak with your physician too, who will fill out and sign a form. If you post your access request, you must include evidence of any disability.

Once your access request is made and your eligibility verified, you will be part of the NDIS program.

You can count on Home Care Assistance to do everything possible to help you.