Aged Care Provider Sunshine Coast

Growing older is hard enough for people surrounded by family and friends, but for those who have no one to turn to for help it can be a nightmare. Being socially isolated is not usually a choice, but if you live alone, especially in the country or in an inaccessible neighbourhood, have lost the people closest to you, have trouble walking or hearing or seeing, and are on a low income, then you are dependant on the goodwill of others — who may not come through at the last moment. Families are smaller, often living in different countries, let alone different cities, and there are no longer the extended family obligations of the past. When it comes to the crunch, friends on Facebook don’t help.

Social support promotes functional capacity and helps older adults to cope with stressful situations

Healthcare is complex — and anyway, we all need a team. So you have a doctor and perhaps a social worker or a priest or a hospital volunteer whom you can talk to and who is supportive. This is not about being needy; it’s about being practical, courageous and candid, and not letting go of the human connection.

Expectation of care and support is a psychological technique that helps older people to cope unassisted with everyday issues In fact, they say that perceived support or the expectation of it is actually likely to be more important than its availability.

Home Care Assistance provides seniors with one-to-one assistance in the comfort of their own home, which enables them to live independently and maintain their quality of life. The personal attention they receive vastly improves their safety, health and happiness.
Home Care Assistance is flexible, and provides the following individual services:

• Meal Preparation
• Grocery shopping and errands
• Transportation to doctor appointments, supermarket, pharmacy
• Bathing, dressing and grooming assistance
• Medication reminders
• Social Support
• Domestic Assistance
• Respite Care
• Laundry and Change of bed linens
• Companionship and range of motion exercise
• Assisting with walking and transfer from bed to wheelchair
• Status reporting to family.

If you’re on the Sunshine Coast, let Home Care Assistance – Aged Care Provider in Sunshine Coast, help you.