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In-home senior care offers many health and lifestyle benefits over facility-based health care. Additionally, home care provided by Home Care Assistance delivers additional advantages over family based or independently hired caregivers. Here are just 5 reasons why Home Care Assistance provided home care makes the best option for senior care.

1. 9 out of 10 seniors would rather live at home than anywhere else.

According to a study reported in the Wall Street Journal, senior citizens fear moving into a nursing home and losing their independence more than they fear death.

2. Families also prefer to have seniors remain at home

82 percent of baby boomers fear their parents will be mistreated in a nursing home and 89 percent fear their parents will be sad should they have to move into facility care. Families know seniors would prefer to live at home and would like to honour that preference.

3. Staying at home is more comfortable

When compared to facility care and moving in with a family member, nothing beats the comfort of staying at home. Moving is also a very stressful task and on the list of stress-inducing activities, is third to death and divorce.

4. Home care is safer

Institutionalised seniors are at higher risk of falling as well as for developing acute illnesses such as pneumonia, dehydration, gastroenteritis and even antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus infections. This is because, with a single caregiver attending to many people, it is harder to control cross-contamination from one infected resident to another. The-one-to-one personal attention by an in-home caregiver greatly lowers the risk of such illnesses.
Home care even eliminates many safety risks that come with moving into and walking around in new unfamiliar places. Falls, which are often fatal to seniors, are twice as common in facilities than in private homes. Home caregivers can devote their constant attention to preventing falls, wandering, bedsores, kitchen injuries and other safety issues.

5. Home care improves quality of life

Seniors are able to maintain the lifestyle and luxuries they are accustomed to enjoying by remaining in their home with proper care. Keeping all their possessions and familiar surroundings, home care clients are able to visit the same stores, restaurants and neighbours that they already know. Plus they can engage in the same activities they enjoy. In-home care enables seniors to savour their privacy and live their life as they choose, on their own schedule.

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