As winter approaches, keeping warm can be especially challenging for the elderly. At Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay, we understand how crucial it is to stay warm, especially when you’re already feeling under the weather. We’ve provided 6 tips for keeping warm this winter and managing the colder weather:

1. Sort Out Your Winter Clothes

Start by sorting through your winter clothing. Layers are excellent for managing varying temperatures throughout the day. Ensure your winter wardrobe is in good condition and easily accessible. If you need assistance, ask a family member or your Care Professional from Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast for help. They can also assist with shopping for any necessary items.

2. Get Your Blankets Ready

Ensure your spare blankets are clean and ready to use. Keep an extra blanket on your bed and another near your favourite chair. Your Care Professional can help you prepare your blankets if needed.

3. Prepare Draught Stoppers

Heating costs can rise if there are gaps under doors. Use draught stoppers to prevent heat loss. If you don’t have any, they can be easily purchased from local stores like Bunnings.

4. Inspect Your Heater

Check your heater before the cold weather hits to ensure it is working properly. This will help you avoid long wait times for repairs during the colder months.

5. Heat Selective Rooms

Rather than heating your entire home, focus on the rooms you use the most. Close off unused rooms to conserve heat and reduce energy costs. For example, only heat your bedroom before bedtime.

6. Use Heat Packs Wisely

Heat packs and hot water bottles can provide extra warmth. Ensure you follow the instructions to avoid overheating and potential burns.

Winter is much easier to handle when you are prepared. Follow these tips to stay warm and safe. If you receive care from an In-home Aged Care Professional, discuss your winter needs with them to ensure you are well-prepared.

Support from Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay

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