Personalised Aged Care in Sunshine Coast

One of the best things about being an individual is that you never really fit into an A, B, or C category. You are special, and you are unique. So, what should your home care be any different? Why should you be lumped with services or options you don’t want. The great news is you don’t have to be.

The home care package that you have is tailored to your life, your needs, and most importantly your budget. It is just as important to your home care provider as it is to you that each dollar counts.

Where to start?

The first port of call is to get a ACAT assessment. This can be arranged through My Aged Care or by calling 07 5491 6888 and is completely free. The professional team of experts and healthcare providers will come and do an assessment of you, your home, your health, and your finances to see what level of care that you have access too.

Don’t let the finance side scare you as most of the services that home care provide are covered by a subsidy that the government offers, but a means test will show how much the Government can offer.

Doing what’s right for you

The team of experts will help work out what services you can get and work within your budget so that you can get the care that you deserve without breaking the bank. You will be able to pick and choose the services that you want and the level that you want them at.

The term “home care” might seem general but it is about you. It’s about your needs, and it’s about your life. Talk to either My Aged Care or give us a call and we help you start the path to a better life.

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