Senior Care Sunshine Coast

Most of us aim to live independently and to stay in our own beloved home, maintaining the quality of life we have worked and fought for forever. And in-home care makes all the difference to that. The personal attention provided by Home Care Assistance improves seniors safety, health and happiness and allows them to remain at home.

Home care matters and home care packages really help, and so does staying in your own community

If you can be sure that shopping can be done, transport is not a worry, meals are prepared and your home is kept clean and neat, bed linen changed and laundry done, that your medication at hand and there is respite for family and friends near and dear to you who do their best to help, then your worst fears can be dealt with and you can all relax and enjoy life as far as possible.

Home Care Assistance provide peace of mind, making sure that support is regular and consistent

On the Sunshine Coast, Home Care Assistance offer complete flexibility. Their services are tailormade to your needs and they can come by for an hour at a time or 24 hours a day. Even with little notice Home Care Assistance can find a suitable caregiver, whether that is someone permanent who lives in and gives ongoing company and companionship, or during a recovery period after an injury, illness or operation. Live-in care and constant assistance are wonderful options wherever possible.

A Home Care Package is a Government Funded place to receive care and services to meet your needs, and Home Care Assistance are an approved provider

Home care should not be a mass produced product – and Home Care Assistance offer a personalised service, looking at your individual wants, needs and services to keep you and yours living well and safe at home.

There are no extra fees. You get all the help you need with one flat rate management fee

And Home Care Assistance specialise in finding caregivers who are dedicated to your family’s long-term well-being. To find a caregiver who is best matched to your needs, contact us today and we will ease your burden and lighten your load.