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According to the US National Institute on Ageing, there are several critical indications that a senior may be losing the judgement or ability to drive:

● Incompetent driving at night, even if competent during the day.
● Drastically reduced peripheral vision, even if 20/20 with corrective lenses.
● Struggling to drive at high speed even if he or she drives well at slow speeds.
● Erratic driving such as abrupt lane changes, braking or acceleration, hitting curbs, missing turns or scaring pedestrians.
● Getting lost frequently, even while driving on familiar roads.
● Trouble reading directions.
● Becoming frequently startled, claiming that pedestrians or cars seem to appear out of nowhere.
● At-fault accidents or more frequent near crashes or dents and scrapes on the car or fences, mailboxes, garage doors, curbs etc.
● Failing to use turn signals or keeping them on without changing lanes.
● Drifting into other lanes or driving on the wrong side of the road.
● Range-of-motion issues, such as failing to look over the shoulder, trouble shifting gears or confusing accelerator and brake pedals.
● Increased traffic tickets or ‘warnings’ by traffic or law enforcement officers.

Use this checklist to assess your or your loved one’s level of risk in each of these areas. A professional in-home caregiver from Home Care Assistance can provide convenient transportation services so that you can maintain your lifestyle even when you need assistance.

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