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Many cultures and societies have seen their elderly population as jewels of society or highly respected and valued members of the community. The west has in the past held seniors at a much lower esteem. Finally, though, we see the letting go of some of the negative stereotypes regarding our elderly population. For example, the stereotype of older generations being dependant, helpless and unproductive people who have “had their time”.

This stereotype affects the way that the elderly in our community are treated and can be seen in many studies. One survey study, for example, found that 31 percent of respondents aged over 65 stated that they have been ignored or not taken seriously because of their age.

This treatment of and attitude towards seniors in our society also has great negative effects on the wellbeing of the older population. It is extremely important that as we age, we feel useful, self-sufficient and valued. A study conducted at Yale University followed 660 people, all over the age of 50. This study found that the people who held positive perceptions about ageing lived 7 and a half years longer than those with negative self-perceptions of aging. The study even showed that those with positive beliefs about ageing had significantly better memory and balance, both essential skills to maintain as we age. Young people’s positive attitudes towards old age also seems to boost mental health significantly as they age.

Changing the perspective on ageing is not only important to improve the attitudes towards and treatments of our older population but also for the health and wellbeing of seniors as well as to ensure the wellbeing of future generations as they age.

Home care is one way that seniors can maintain their feelings of worth and self-sufficiency as they do not have to drastically change their living arrangements and routines all the while receiving professional support from a compassionate Home Care Assistance Carer.

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