In Home Care for Seniors with Parkinson’s Disease in the Sunshine Coast

Home Care Assistance offers experience and understanding, while providing flexible in home Parkinson’s Disease support services in the Sunshine Coast: 07 5491 6888

There are other disorders with similar symptoms to Parkinson’s, but since there are still no tests to diagnose it, recognising Parkinson’s depends on a neurological examination, medical history, and whether certain drugs and therapies help.

In Parkinson’s disease, the nerve cells, or neurons, which produce dopamine in the area of the brain that controls movement become impaired and/or die, resulting in problems in movement.

The first symptoms — trembling, stiffness, slowing down and impaired balance — may appear so slowly that family and friends put them down to the normal aging process, or they may well be in denial as stress and responsibilities escalate.

Preserve the essential qualities of life, as well as safety, health and happiness and dignity

Usually the most satisfactory and effective solution to increasing frailty is home care. Home care allows the person to remain in their own beloved familiar surroundings, and to maintain their independence and dignity thus reducing everyone’s fears and distress.

A very common fear that comes with ageing is that of having to leave home and move into a residential care facility

Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay is able to provide the best in-home and community care support for seniors and those with a disability. In fact, our motto is “Keeping you happy and safe at home.”

Our caregivers are also kept up-to-date on the most recent developments in care for the elderly.

Home Care Assistance’s Balanced Care™ training programme is based on our own in-depth research into nutrition, mobility and the other elements which help people to age better, focusing on health and quality of life.

Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast gives you a happy alternative to leaving your home

Home Care Assistance brings respite too, and apart from balanced care in the community, our services also include:

Meal preparation,
Domestic assistance,
Medication reminders,
Social support.

Stay surrounded by the possessions you love

A hospital stay reduces confidence and often results in depression, disorientation and loneliness. Home Care Assistance provides companionship as well as protection and supervision. Our carers are good company — and they know how to share.

Remember that familiarity reduces confusion and fear, and an overwhelming majority of older people really want to stay in their own home. Please do call Home Care Assistance at any time for a confidential conversation. We have a great track record.

Parkinson’s Disease Support Services Sunshine Coast