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Everyone wants to live a longer and happier life but few really know how. Research is showing that the way to live longer and happier is through maintaining an active and fulfilling social life.

One of the most important human needs is friendship and interaction with others. We as human beings share a basic and biological need for social belonging and social connectedness. When these needs are not met, it can be easy to sink into mental states such as loneliness and experience isolation and depression.

Research shows that those who remain surrounded by a strong network of friends and social relationships into their later years are far more likely to age healthily and happily.

Many seniors are often visited and spend time with family members. Though this time is precious and definitely beneficial to the happiness of seniors, establishing and maintaining peer relationships with people who have similar interests, hobbies and experiences is vital for the health and happiness of seniors.

Maintaining these social connections for the elderly can be challenging for seniors, especially if they do not have a mode of transportation or encouragement to engage in social activities. However, if a reliable transportation option and encouragement is provided, this establishment and maintenance of beneficial relationships and interactions can be a breeze.

We suggest you find a social coordinator for a senior loved one. This person will not only assist in transportation but also encourage and arrange social action. Social Coordinators and drivers open up a whole new world of interaction opportunities for seniors and therefore a potentially longer and happier life.

As we age, our independence is something we become increasingly protective of, something we understand and is at the core of what we do here at Home Care Assistance.

But one essential part of successful ageing is understanding that “being independent” isn’t the same as “being alone”. This is a common misconception that can allow seniors to isolate themselves and become reluctant for assistance or care for the fear of losing their independence. No one should have to lose their home or way of life because they require additional care as they age.

That is why at Home Care Assistance we offer excellent aged care in the comfort of seniors own homes. This is beneficial for a wide array of reasons but one being that the social life and routine of seniors are virtually unaffected by their care needs.

Live longer and happier by nurturing and growing your social life.

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