Is It Time for Home Care? TOP Signs that a Senior Needs Help

We all age differently. Some of us may be able to live alone and independently well into our 80s, but others may need care far earlier. Of course that is the last thing most people want to think about or prepare for, but it is a good thing to have a basic plan in place, just in case.

What are the early warning signs and symptoms?

Firstly, a change in appearance and behaviour – neglecting personal hygiene and wearing dirty clothes perhaps, or gaining or losing weight, mood swings, changing sleep patterns, loss of interest, depression and loneliness or even despair. And, inevitably, not wanting to or being able to perform normal routine tasks, and confusion about bathing, grooming and meals. Forgetfulness too – not keeping appointments or locking the front door, answering letters, paying bills or even taking medicine. And general confusion.

And, of course, accidents. Check for clutter and risky rugs – is there anything to trip over? A fall may be caused by deteriorating eyesight, general weakness – even a vitamin D deficiency – as well as a hazard.

Then you have to decide on the level of care needed – that can range from daily help to having someone live in permanently. And these are all things to discuss with family, and perhaps friends and doctors too. Which is where Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay comes in. You can call Home Care Assistance at any time for a complimentary in-home assessment, which should put your mind at rest, and help with some of the painful decisions.

Signs that your senior parent needs in-home care.

Having professionals around really does help. You and your family will rest far easier when you know that your loved one has all the quality care they need. A professional carer will provide constant companionship where necessary too. Home Care Assistance knows all about in-home care, how to go about it and what advice to give.

And what about illness, and after surgery? That’s when extra care may be very helpful to avoid an infection, or even readmission to hospital. Or driving – has the time come to stop, and to hand over the car keys? That is an awful blow to independence, but eventually it has to happen, just as equipment and aids to get around help to keep balance.

On the Sunshine Coast, Home Care Assistance help to maintain an independent yet safe lifestyle. Call Home Care Assistance today for balanced care in the community.