Joint Home Care Services in Sunshine Coast

Your spouse is amazing. We’re sure that you already know that, but it’s always nice to hear. They have been there for you through the ups and downs. They have been your rock, your listening ear, your guiding hand, and a lot of other things that would look great on an anniversary or birthday card.

When it comes to home care they are also a major factor as not only are they getting some freedom from household duties because of the services available, but they can make those services better.

That’s right! Due to some regulation changes you and your spouse are able to pool your allotted funding together to get different levels of service. Maybe there was a service that was just outside of your package that would free you up to spend more time with family. Now you can pool your funding together and achieve what you want to achieve.

If you haven’t spoken to your services manager about doing this now would be the time. Arrange a time to discuss all the options that you and your wonderful spouse have so that you can get the most from the funding you’ve been given.

It could mean a big difference in the level of package you have and could translate into more free hours, more services, and more fun! And here you thought they were amazing to being with you and helping raise your children! A loving spouse is a gift and with home care services they are a gift that can help ensure that you get the services that give you a great gift; more time with them.

Call today to see what options you and your spouse have for joint services and get back to enjoying time together. Also remember to tell them all the things you love about them, we’re sure they’d love to hear it.

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