Sunshine Coast Aged Care Provider

As we age, it is important that we maintain a feeling of self-sufficiency. In home aged care in Sunshine Coast, is a fantastic way to achieve this. However, there have been many technological innovations that when paired with in home care can help seniors live independently longer. The transition from hospital-based care to home based care has been made easier with the popularisation of mobile phones and home computers. Seniors are perhaps safer now than ever before thanks to high tech gadgets including motion detectors, lights and appliances and sensors for temperature regulation. Home Care Assistance caregivers even use an innovative telephony system to check in and out of their live-in hourly shifts to eliminate any doubt regarding the accuracy of the hours worked.

Technology is a great tool for independent living. Now there are less reasons for multiple routine doctors or hospital visits due to multiple technological innovations. For example, a simple reminder on a mobile phone can be set to remind seniors to take medications or do physical exercise. There are also devices that can monitor blood pressure and check blood sugar virtually automatically. These results can then be sent to a doctor who will monitor changes and make any necessary recommendations. Blood glucose, oxygen levels, body temperature, respiratory rate and physical activity can also be monitored from the comfort of home via electrodes.

There is now also a technological solution to detect wandering. Passive monitoring technologies can establish patterns of a person’s normal movement habits throughout the house including eating, sleeping, walking around, using the bathroom. It does this through strategically placed activity sensors. When these sensors detect a significant deviation from the person’s normal activity, family members or caregivers receive an alert. This is revolutionary as many seniors prone to wandering and therefore unknowingly endangering themselves are often only offered the option of facility care. This technology allows for seniors to be able to independently live from the comfort of their home while receiving in home aged care.

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