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Our brains change as we get older. Did you know that the brain even shrinks around ten to fifteen percent over the course of a lifetime? One of the most significant changes that happen to our brain is the decline or even loss of short-term memory. Our long-term memory stays the same or can even improve with age. This decline of short-term memory and the improvement of long-term memory can have a number of negative effects on the wellbeing of seniors. For example, seniors can spend a lot of time dwelling on the past rather than living in the present. They can even talk mainly about the past, as it is stronger in their memory than more recent events, which can cause a great disconnect between them and the younger people around them. This can lead to social isolation. Our short-term memory is extremely important in ensuring that we live long and happy lives.

There are a few exercises that when done on a daily basis can help keep short term memory as strong as possible.

The first exercise is to spend a few moments each night recalling the events of the day. This can be done in many ways. Some may wish to keep a journal and write down their recount of the day whereas others might find it better to discuss the day’s events with their carer. Home Care assistance in home carers love to help seniors carry out exercises that improve the wellbeing of seniors and would be happy to sit down and chat about the day just passed.

When recalling the day, you can also carry out another exercise by visualising scenes from the day and recall objects that made up this scene. This can be very effective in strengthening short term memory.

Another great exercise to help strengthen short term memory is to once or twice a day, close your eyes and create a mental picture of what is 180 degrees behind you. This can also be done with your Home Care Assistance in home carer. They can encourage you to visualise and help you if you need assistance.

Practice these daily to improve your short-term memory as you get older.

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