By themselves the words “home” and “care” are lovely. They build the idea of love and comfort. For some reason, in a lot of people’s minds if you combine them to make “home care” it because something embarrassing or frightening.

We are hoping to clear this up a bit today and dispel some of the most common myths behind home care.


It’s only for the very old

For some, when they think about home care they believe that it’s for people that are “close to death”. While it’s true that some home care is for those that have health issues, there is also plenty of home care for those that want to live more. Home care can be anything from 24-hour care to a once a week visit to help with the shopping or gardening. No need to waste family time doing chores when a home care worker can help you out and let you get on with life.

It’ll cost a fortune

If you sourced your own gardener, assistant, and personal shopper it would cost you a lot. However, if you go through MyAgedCare with the government you will find that you are most likely eligible for funding that can provide services with little or no out of pocket expenses. Why wouldn’t you want free services that can free up your time?

It’s embarrassing

For many the hesitation behind getting some home care is that they find it embarrassing. What will the neighbors or your friends thinks? They will probably want to know how you were able to get it so they can get it for themselves.

There is nothing embarrassing about wanting to get out and do more than the grocery shopping. It’s not about getting help, it’s about gaining more independence. There is nothing embarrassing about that.

Check out our website to see what funding and service packages you could be eligible for right now and start getting more out of life.