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One of the things that is holding you back from getting into home care is that you might not know what to expect. Maybe you don’t know anyone that has done it before and are a little nervous about it.

That is completely normal. We talked to a number of people that are currently using home care and it was one of the first things that they all shared. The uncertainty made them uncomfortable, but hopefully by sharing their stories it can give you the peace of mind.

David is in his early eighties and still lives in the family home with his wife, Sarah. While they shared the household duties David noticed that it was taking them longer to do. “We started being that couple that was late for social events. We would start cleaning or gardening and it would take too long.” It was Sarah who found information online about getting home care to take care of the cleaning.

“Home care changed our lives. We have a lovely fella that comes to the house once a fortnight to tend to the garden and another wonderful lady that comes and does the house for us. The harder things like the dusting and mopping. It’s give us our lives back,” David said with a smile.

For Carol it was a different story, “After my husband passed, things were a bit harder. There was more for me to do and it was a bit overwhelming. Then I started to have some health issues of my own.” Carol downsized to a small flat and has a carer who takes her shopping and helps her with meal prep. “I love her, we do the shopping and then we stop for a coffee and chat. Or she’ll take me to meet some others and we have a lovely lunch out.”

The message from both David and Carol for you is the same. Call. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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