Did you know that the less care and attention a baby receives, the higher the baby mortality rate is?

The same happens to older adults. The only difference is that older adults adjust to being lonely and don’t complain.

So what does that mean for an in-home care service provided?

Care-giving only counts if it touches the care-receiver on a positive emotional level.

Let’s look at a few examples.

The Shopping And Errands Service:

Just Helping:
A care-giver arrives, hastily approaches the care-receiver and runs off again to do the shopping. On return, the care-giver rushes in, drops-off everything and rushes out again.

Care-giver and receiver know each other well. The care-giver arrives and has a friendly chat about the task on hand.

The same care-giver arrives at the same time for this repeating task.

It makes the task efficient and leaves room for some pleasant conversation.

Back on arrival, the care-giver sorts everything into the right place. They know where things belong.

While they store away the errands, they have a pleasant conversation.

On leaving, both part wishing each other well.

Bathing, dressing and grooming assistance

Just Helping:
The arrival hushes the care-receiver into the bathroom and gets the job done hastily.

If done wrong, this task can turn traumatic for the care-receiver. Imagine being undressed by a stranger that changes all the time.

Care-giver and receiver know each other well.

Over time a trusting relationship has evolved.

The care-giver knows what the care-receiver likes and whatnot. They know each other, so the session is a mutual time together.

The care-receiver enjoyed the company and received assistance at the visit’s end.

The care-giver leaves with a good feeling of having made a difference.

How Do We Make Sure That Our Service Is Care And Not Just Help?

The Balanced Care Method™ is at the heart of our in-home care service.

Two of the five pillars of the Balanced Care Method™ deal with the care aspect of the service. Social Engagement and Cognitive Stimulation.

Each care-giver continually trains in the method until it becomes natural to them.

Now, that is not enough, as we found out in our early days.

We Care About Our Employees

We are a family run business.

We experienced an interesting start with the business.

We started getting enquiries from care-givers who were looking for a new provider that would treat them better.

At the same time, we were getting enquiries from care-receivers looking for a new provider because they were not happy with the care they were receiving.

As it turned out, an ambitious middle manager of a corporate care provider thought it was a good thing to increase profits by working the care-givers into the ground. He reduced the time for each task and gave them more appointments per day.

It was a blessing as it gave us business and showed us how not to do it.

Since then, we focus on caring about our employees, the care-givers. Only if they feel taken care of can we expect them to pass on this level of care in their daily caring assignments.

We Care About Our Clients

Being a small business, we don’t have the marketing budget to acquire new clients continuesly like the corporations.

We rely on our clients being happy and staying with us.

That’s why we got rid of exit fees or anything that would artificially “force” a client to stay with us.

A client happily staying with us is our key driver.

The Positive Flow On Effect

The best carers are passionate about their profession, and word gets around.

We can now pick and choose because HCA Sunshine Coast is the most desired employer for carers on the sunshine coast.

Thus we can find care-givers that are a good match for a given care-receiver.

You like someone that can play chess or loves to talk about gardening. We are most likely to find a care-giver with those skills.


It is essential to realize that care is more than just helping.

It is about facilitating a trusting relationship between care giver and care receiver.

The care-receiver needs to get a positive emotional boost out of the service. The care-giver needs to feel cared for so that they can pass it on.

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