As we age, the likelihood of developing multiple medical conditions increases, often leading to the need for various medications taken at different times. Forgetting to take medications or taking incorrect doses can lead to serious health complications, or even death. In fact, for individuals over 65, approximately 30% of hospital admissions are medication-related. Ensuring the correct medication is taken at the right time is crucial. At Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast, we regularly assist our clients in managing their medications to promote their health and safety. Here are some tips to help with medication management.

Keeping Medications Available and Organised

First, it’s essential to keep all required medications available at home. This involves keeping track of prescriptions and ensuring they are filled on time. When visiting the doctor for a check-up, review your medication supply to identify any prescriptions that need renewing. Contacting your local pharmacy can also help streamline this process.

Removing expired medications from your home is equally important. This prevents accidental ingestion of outdated or unnecessary medications. Keeping all medications in a single, secure location helps with organisation and safety, especially if children or pets are present.

Maintaining an Updated Medication List

Maintaining an updated list of all medications, including dosages and schedules, is vital. This list is helpful not only for the person taking the medication but also for caregivers and healthcare providers. Having this list on hand is especially useful during hospital visits or when consulting a new doctor.

Using Reminders, Pillboxes and Webster Packs

Using alarms to remind you to take your medications can significantly improve adherence. Simple alarms on a watch or phone, or specialised medication reminder apps, can be very effective.

A pillbox can be a valuable tool for organising daily medications. These boxes can be filled weekly and often come with separate compartments for morning and evening doses. Ensure the pillbox is user-friendly and clearly labeled, and keep it in a safe place to prevent access by others, particularly children and pets. Another option is Webster packs from your pharmacy, which organise medications into a blister pack, simplifying the process.

Seeking Additional Support

Proper medication management is essential to avoid overdosing or missing doses. The tips above can help maintain independence while ensuring adherence to medication regimes. However, if these strategies are insufficient, it might be time to seek additional support. A Care Professional can assist with medication management, ensuring medications are taken as prescribed.

Support from a home care agency like Home Care Assistance can greatly enhance quality of life and independent living. For more information, contact Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast today.